Amazing ideas about a roll forming machine

What is a roll forming machine? Roll forming machine is a mechanism, which occupies the unalleviated bend of an extended strip of the sheet metal into a chosen cross section. When the strip is allowed to the position of the rolls on the repetitive stands, then all sets, performs at an incremental element of the […]

Essential things to know about the roll forming machines

With the advancement in the technology, many industries have seen rapid progress over the past few decades. In the same way, the roll forming machine industry has also witnessed tremendous progress over the time. However, there are certain basic things that you must know if you are related to the roll forming machines in any […]



1-THE ROLL-FORMING PROCESS Roll-forming is a process by which strip is passed through a number of pairs of mated profile rolls. The strip is either unwound from a coil or sheet fed into the machine. Each roll pair is designed to progressively develop a profile by predetermined increments . (Figure 1)   Roll-forming is a […]